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Airplane cabin

Are you afraid of flying? Then you should read this to find out where in the aircraft you should sit to travel safely.

Do you usually worry before a flight because you’re afraid something will happen? Even though you may know that you should worry more about riding a car?

Aviantion safety
Aviantion safety

Then maybe you can be a little calmer by knowing where it is actually safest to sit if an accident against all presumption should occur.

Because even though air travel is disastrous from an environmental point of view, it is, in any case, the safest means of transport. For example, in the United States, not a single person has died in an aircraft accident in the past seven years.

But where it is safest to sit is also dependent on the type of aircraft crash it is about.

Every incident or crash is unique, Alison Duquette, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, emphasizes in an interview with The Huffington Post.

According to her, the National Transportation Safety Board does not provide any statistics on which seat would be safest.

However, two significant investigations have been carried out by private actors in the media. In the first survey from 2007 by Popular Mechanics, it was found that the places far behind in the plane behind the wings had a survival rate of 69 percent.

The seats in the middle of the plane had a survival rate of 56 percent. And the seats at the front of the aircraft had only 49 percent survival rate.

The 2015 survey, conducted by Time, found similar results.

That study analyzed results based on 17 different fatalities from 1985 and 30 years on. The result showed that the absolute safest places are the ones far behind in the middle of the plane.

According to one survey, the deadliest place to be was in the middle of the front third of the planet. There the mortality rate was 44 percent.

But as said, many different factors affect the statistics, such as the airplane size, and how the accident itself happens.

The conclusion that can be drawn is still primarily that it is safer to sit far behind in the plane, writes The Huffington Post.

It can be useful to remember that no matter where you are on the plane, you increase your own safety significantly by paying close attention to the safety review before the journey begins.

Airplane lavatory
Airplane lavatory

One tip that, on the other hand, can really make all the difference during your flight trip is this secret trick, which can really make it easier for you who need to do number two in the little aircraft lavatory.

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