Nine reasons to visit the South Pole

South Pole nightsky

What do you look forward to when you are on vacation? Are these exciting things you will see, or the exciting things you will do? Do you long for a chance to explore a new place, or just get away from the boring everyday life?

Antarctica iceberg
Antarctica iceberg

If this sounds like a description of a peak vacation for you, Antarctica is the perfect destination. Here are nine reasons why you should book a cruise to Antarctica and sail to the South Pole:

1. The cold

You probably didn’t expect this to top the list – most who haven’t been to Antarctica think the cold at the South Pole is something of a scam. However, there is something about the proper cold that really makes one feel good. As long as you have clothes for the weather, you do not freeze, and in the cold, crisp environment, everything becomes much clearer. It is incredible how quickly you adapt to the temperature, and it is likely that at the end of the journey, you think the cold was the best thing about the trip.

2. Adventure

It is inherent to the fact that a trip to Antarctica becomes adventurous. Going to the South Pole is not like going on a charter trip. A trip to Antarctica involves kayaking, hiking, and general exploration of one of the world’s most unspoiled regions. When you travel to this continent, you get an experience that you will never forget.

3. Become historical

Because Antarctica is so remote and has such extreme weather conditions, very few people have even visited the continent. This means that your vacation will make you part of the continent’s history. When you travel to most places, you look at things that were built and made a very long time ago. In Antarctica, you become part of history.

Antarctica HDR
Antarctica HDR

4. The distance

It is impossible to exaggerate when talking about how vast and wasteful Antarctic plains are. When you travel to Antarctica, it is only you, your fellow passengers, and the researchers who live in the camps that you will encounter. You are not even in a place where people have lived before. Antarctica has never had a native population, and there is no indication that anyone has been there until the last few centuries.

5. Another world

Gabrielle Walker, an environmental scientist who visited Antarctica to study the effects of climate change, describes it as an extraterrestrial experience.

“The first time I came here, it was like landing on another planet,” she says in a video about her travels. “It’s only ice and rock – no trees, no plants, nothing.”

Anyone who has ever been fascinated by the idea of ​​visiting outer space and alien planets can get a taste of a similar experience here on earth. No spaceship is needed. Antarctica is an alien landscape here on earth.

6. Wildlife

The fact that the continent is uninhabited means that wildlife here – especially the penguins – has not learned to be afraid of people. They have never encountered any predators on land, so they are very confident and curious about people. This means that on your trip to Antarctica, you can get in close contact with these fascinating birds without flying ability.

Besides penguins, there are also whales and seals here at the southernmost end of the earth. If you travel to these animals hunting and mating fields, you can see them in the wild – utterly different than in a zoo.

7. Science

From a scientific perspective, Antarctica is one of the world’s most exciting places. It probably comes as no surprise that this continent is a great destination for those who want to study climate change. Still, it is also a perfect place for astronomers. The crisp air, the stable weather, and the absence of light pollution make the South Pole one of the world’s best places to observe the sky. This means that scientists have optimal conditions here to see what is happening around us in the universe. It also gives hobby star viewers who visit Antarctica a chance to see a starry sky quite unlike any other.

Antarctica river
Antarctica river

8. Iceberg

You may have seen icebergs before, but never ones found on Antarctica. As the ship approaches the South Pole, the iceberg becomes more and more. These floating structures come in all shapes and sizes, and none is the other – the view of icebergs surrounding one on all sides is absolutely stunning.

9. Photography

Whether you enjoy photography as a hobby or have the ambition to become the next great nature photographer, a visit to Antarctica is a brilliant opportunity for some photography. From the unlucky animals to the strange, captivating landscapes, this continent gives you the chance to take some absolutely stunning pictures. The photos you take here will be completely unique, and will also help you to develop artistically.

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