Traveling to Australia for the first time? Then you should know this

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Here are four valuable tips for “Australia amateurs” who want exciting and varied experiences in the country down below.


The world’s smallest continent or the world’s largest island? Regardless, Australia is one of the world’s most contrasting and fascinating countries with dry deserts, lush rainforests, exciting cities, and a unique animal world. Geologically speaking, the country is ancient, but as a nation, Australia does not even celebrate 250 years.

The country has more than 10,000 beaches, but infinitely more to offer — everything from modern and lively Sydney and Melbourne to monumental Uluru out in the wilderness. And the Great Barrier Reef with fantastic fish and corals.


The guide below is primarily aimed at those planning a trip to Australia for the first time. Follow the tips and get the most out of your trip. You will not regret your choice of destination!

Yes, you can go there all year round

Australia is divided into three climate zones: tropical to the north, subtropical to the middle, and temperate to the south.

A reasonably widespread misconception is that one should visit Australia only during specific seasons, including during the Northern hemisphere winter season (November-April).

There is no lousy period to visit Australia. Still, for the best sun chances in the south, you should go during the period December to February. Several places are better to visit when it is winter in Australia and summer in the Northern hemisphere.

You might want to avoid the rainy season. There is much to experience here, including the famous Kakadu National Park, which is only available from April/May to October/November. If you want to avoid scorching temperatures, we recommend traveling to Australia when it’s winter there.

No, you can’t discover the whole country

One of the biggest beginner mistakes is that you think you can experience Australia in 2-3 weeks. Australia is as large as Europe or the United States, has three time zones, and a total of 7.5 million square kilometers. So you should plan several trips if you want to experience the whole country.

Australia is rich in points of interest and experiences, but there are long distances between them. Realize that the distances are brutal and decide on two or three areas to explore. The alternative is a holiday where much of the time is spent transporting.

Skiing in Australia
Skiing in Australia

An Australia travel expert recommends the following trips if you have not experienced Australia before:

Sydney, Rock, and Reef: Here, you will experience three completely different areas in Australia. Your holiday starts in Sydney, goes through the Australian wilderness of Ayers Rock, and on to the tropical north area with beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and green rainforests.

Fantastic Australia: Spend a few days in lively Sydney before traveling to beaches, blue sea and sun in Northern Queensland.

Avoid vaccination and the fear of dangerous animals

Unlike many other countries that are far from home, you do not have to vaccinate before traveling to Australia.

Australia is a safe and stable country compared to many other countries in the world. Also, no special vaccinations are required to travel here unless you have visited other countries just before entering, which makes you a potential carrier of infection. However, we recommend a quick phone call to your doctor to ensure that the rules have not changed before departure, according to experts.

Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef

And you don’t actually meet toxic animals in every street corner – although many people think so.

According to the BBC’s Steve Backs, adventurer, and author of several books on the world’s most toxic animals, Australia’s “most dangerous” animals are horses and honey bees. In any case, it is these animals that are involved in fatal accidents.

Very few die of spiders, snakes, crocodiles, and sharks. Consequently, there is no need to worry about wildlife in Australia. It is instead an excellent reason to visit the country, he says to the English newspaper The Telegraph.

The chance to experience kangaroos up close is very great.

Choice of transport and accommodation

As previously mentioned, distances are often long in Australia. The choice of means of transport is therefore essential.

The first thing you have to decide is what you want to experience, and how long you want to be away. Domestic flying is fast, cheap, and good if you want to experience several places in a short period, such as the typical highlights. Rental car or motorhome is the right choice if you want to focus on specific parts of the country and have a long time on you.

Another option is group travel. There are good opportunities to travel with others from many other parts of the world.

Group travelers in Australia
Group travelers in Australia

Housing standard is available in all categories, from extremely affordable cheap standard to luxury. For those who want the best of the best, Australia has both world-class resorts and experiences.

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