Dream job: Hitchhike between islands on a luxury trip in Greece – and get paid!


What will you do next summer? Want to sail around the Greek archipelago, photograph some backlight pictures, and get paid for it – together with a friend? Look here!

Behind this excellent offer stands the newly launched luxury travel agency Unforgettable Greece. The job is to spend nine days in the summer of 2020 traveling around some of Greece’s most beautiful places and attractions and Instagram in the travel agency’s account.

First-class experiences in Greece’s most beautiful places

Some of the places you can expect to visit do include Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete. You are promised first-class accommodation and include a guided tour of the Acropolis, visits to Mykonos best beaches, sunset sailing at Santorini, and a cooking class in Crete. Yes, thank you!

Requirements: like to travel and photograph

The simple description of requirements only says that they are looking for someone with a passion for traveling and a passion for photography. But who doesn’t like to travel, and how difficult can it be to get beautiful pictures when overlooking white stone houses, colorful flowers, meandering cobblestones, turquoise water, and sunsets?

Best of all? If the job becomes yours, you may also bring a friend

How to apply for the job

The payment for the job is about $1,000, and you are obviously given a phone to take pictures with.

OK, there is a risk that there will be competition for this job. But you have to try and hope for the best! All you have to do to be involved in the fight is to post your very best travel picture on Instagram and tag @unforgettablegreece. Don’t forget that you must have an open account. Good luck!

(Image credit: Unforgettable Greece)

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